How Do We Add ZEST?

We've put a little ZEST into companies from all around the world. Large and small. And we're very happy that what we've added to Japanese coffee distributors, trading companies, software houses and financial institutions or international fashion manufacturers, importers and government departments has made their life in Japan a little easier.

Internationalizing Companies.

When companies enter Japan, we translate their in-house software to allow the input/output of Japanese characters. Also, we'll re-design, re-program and customize in-house software to match Japanese systems.

Localizing Companies.

When international companies open up in Japan or Japanese companies open up in overseas subsidiaries, ZEST localizes and customizes their systems. This has included system co-ordination of widely different business practices, bi-lingual reporting and transferring of data; right through to re-designing of purchasing, invoice procedure, timing and consequent credit systems; or taxation systems to co-ordinate head offices with local structures, e.g. Japan's consumption tax or expense appropriation accounting rules. During these changeover periods ZEST can supply bi-lingual and bi-cultural staff to support and train both management and staff.

Merging Companies.

When companies merge, we merge their systems. In our experience company business cultures and national cultures also need to be carefully merged into the systems.

Withdrawing Companies.

ZEST will plan and control the retrieval and conversion of sales and distribution data when companies declare independence from dealers or establish their own subsidiary.

Listing Companies.

We've upgraded multi-national's financial and accounting systems when they had to prepare local offices for Stock Exchange listing.

Economizing Companies.

We'll also evaluate computer related quotations and deal with suppliers on behalf of company's buying hard and software to ensure they don't invest in more than they need.

Safeguarding Companies.

We've always offered disaster planning as well as disaster recovery. Because even in the best company, accidents do happen. Naturally, ZEST is always here to offer fast, telephone or online support, up-dating and further training.

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