Japan Business Entry Program

ZEST has a unique relationship with a partner company who are business consultants for companies entering Japan. K&Company Inc. have such a depth of experience providing services as M&A coordination and evaluation, Anti-dumping support, Development of Business Strategy, EC-92, Tax, Audit, Overseas Office Establishment, Market Study, Initial Public Offer, Business Process Re-engineering, Organization Structure and comprehensive overseas business strategies support for Japanese and International companies. ZEST will work closely with these consultants and your company to create full tuned, custom made systems that reflect and even enhance your needs and strategies.

ZEST Custom Software Package Development.

ZEST is developing comprehensive software specifically serving the first five years of a company's life after entering Japan. Completely integrated, multi-lingual and automatically creating journal data to avoid multi-input of sales, stock, purchases, etc. It contains the following functions: Proposal, Order, Inventory, Sales, Invoice, Delivery, Collection, Receivable, Purchase, Payment, Payable, Expense, Journal, Sales Aids, Customer / Product / Project / Employee Information and Sales / Cost / Project Analysis. If you think your company might benefit from this kind of program, talk to us.

ZEST Hardware Flexibility.

ZEST, we work to co-ordinate systems hard and software. However, the reason for any system is people. Because people make systems work and keep them working. We work with the following hardware: PC, Macintosh, AS/400 and UNIX. But as you know, there are no limitations to ZEST. We work with whatever we need, to get the job done.

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