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Zest Inc has years of experience in bi-cultural systems co-ordination. And it's ready to go to work, just for you. You might be preparing to enter Japan. Or you might already be in the market and in the process of changing your distributor, business partners or order processing. That means you'll need to change your computer systems.

Bi-lingual/Bi-cultural Systems.

One thing is for certain, your systems will need to be bi-lingual. They will also need to take into account the vastly different cultural frameworks. If you don't, they won't be understood and they won't work. If your systems don't work, your company doesn't work.

Language, culture, warehousing, accounting, distribution, politics, negotiation, promotion, structure, decisions and simply saying yes and no are all different in Japan. And Japanese computer systems are created to match this culture.

Let us offer a few words of free advice.
You launch your business.
ZEST will launch your systems.
And together we'll ensure a smooth start-up in Japan.

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